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Argeton Terracotta Rainscreens for new construction and retrofit

Telling Architectural Systems is proud to represent Argeton Terracotta as North Americas premier supplier.  Argeton is the original and oldest manufacturer of terracotta rainscreen systems and enjoys a dominating presence on the world stage. Developed in Germany in the early 80’s, Argeton has been successfully installed on thousands of projects in more than 29 countries including Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Qatar, Spain, Russia, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. The Argeton system is fully engineered and tested to meet the building specifications for new construction and retrofit in the United States and around the world. In 2005 the Argeton System and Mueller were purchased  by Wienerberger GmbH – currently the largest manufacturer of clay product in the world.

Today the name Argeton stands for quality, aesthetics and creativity. The success story is based on a systematic and future-oriented product development, service-oriented sales and quality assurance of a large group.

For more information visit www.argeton.com

Thanks to the natural characteristics of clay Argeton Terracotta is maintenance free, contemporary and timeless at the same time. The panels are fully recyclable and confirmed through ISO and EN certified status.

The Argeton manufacturing facility is directly at the quarry inherently minimizing transport of raw material. 

“We wanted the best overall system, and Telling scored highest. The quality of tile, the precision engineered aluminum and the support of Argeton, a Wienerberger company put Telling ahead.”

– Victor Macri

Construction Manager

VMJR Companies


Inspirio is Argeton's new line of digitallly engobed rainscreen. Inspired by the four elements of nature: water, air fire, and earth, Inspirio brings clay into the mix as the fifth element. View some of the nature inspired designs by clicking the image below, or create your own. With digital engobing, there's no limit to your creativity.


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Argeton rainscreen panels are available in a variety of tile profiles. For a simple, clean appearance choose the Tampa style. The straight line corner is a perfect complement for the look. The Terzo profile adds more visual interest with false joints in the surface at various widths and distances. Similarly, the Lineo tile's deep grooves provides for a linear look in the facade. For an overlapping panel look use the Danza tile. These create interest by reflecting light at different angles from the outside of the building.

In addition to the rainscreen functionality our terracotta panels can provide shade or a sunscreen.

We can also work with the manufacturer to create your own custom tile shape and profile for your unique architectural design. Contact us below for more information.


Architectural terracotta rainscreen panels come in a variety of standard colors. If none of these colors match the design we'll create a custom color so the facade matches your architectural style perfectly. See our Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute project as a case study.



Argeton rainscreen can be glazed to reduce maintenance. Glazes in different hues enhance the look. Customize the look by selecting a matte, sheen or high gloss glaze on your panels.


Argeton can be used in all recognized construction forms. Our versatile and unique support systems enhance the flexibility available to the fabricator to complement their specific panel designs and meet all performance criteria. Speed of erection, construction without scaffolding, reduced weather delays and early enclosure are the primary attributes of Argeton panels. The support systems are interchangeable to suit specific design requirements for panel or unitized curtain wall installations and our in-house design team are available to provide assistance.

Rail System On Stud-Wall

​Rainscreen Over CMU/Concrete

MTE (Max Thermal Efficiency)


Argeton Terracotta Rainscreen has been used in a variety of applications in the United States and worldwide. Here is a sampling of some of the installations. This cladding system reflects the architects' beautiful design, simplifies the construction phase and aids in long term efficiency of the building.


For available Literature, Drawings (.pdf or .cad), Technical Specifications, Test Data or Case Studies please fill out the form below. 

Argeton Terracotta Rainscreen Facades
Argeton Video Pictoral

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