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Environmentally aesthetic solutions in sustainable materials

Telling Architectural Systems is proud to represent Komproment as North America's premier supplier.  

Aesthetic Marvels in Sustainable Design

 Our offerings seamlessly blend form and function, marrying unique mounting systems with a diverse array of natural materials. The result? Roofs and facades that are not only enduring but exquisitely beautiful.

Crafted with Architects in Mind

Our solutions are not merely products; they are meticulously developed in collaboration with architects and discerning customers. The foundation of our work rests on sustainable principles like "durability" and "quality." When you partner with us, you're not just getting materials – you're gaining a trusted ally committed to your vision.

Uncompromising Value for General Contractors

We understand cost and value are paramount. That's why Telling offers a range of mounting systems perfectly tailored to your project.  No reason to choose a less sustainable cladding system when our products offer "cradle to cradle" solutions at a reasonable price. 

Future-Forward Sustainability

Our  manufacturers embrace the challenges of a finite world. Our ventilated facades not only shield buildings but do so in an eco-conscious and visually striking manner. Many of our systems are engineered to seamlessly integrate solar systems, LED systems and living walls.

Preserving the Future, One Building at a Time

Every project entrusted to Komproment receives a distinguished "material passport" installed within the building's structure. This metal plate is a precise record of all materials used, ensuring future reusability and reducing waste. With Komproment, there's no compromise – especially when it comes to our environment.

Discover a New Standard of Architectural Excellence with Komproment. Elevate Your Vision Today.


Sustainable Elegance: Hand-Cut Natural Slate. Experience the timeless allure of natural slate, a material hewn directly from the earth's embrace and meticulously hand-crafted. Renowned as one of the most environmentally friendly materials worldwide, it embodies nature's own artistry.



Unwavering Commitment to Environment and Aesthetics

At Komproment, we stand firm in our resolve to uphold both environmental integrity and aesthetic excellence. Our dedication knows no bounds, ensuring that every solution we offer strikes the perfect harmony between nature's well-being and architectural beauty.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Construction

Our Zappa mounting system is a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices. It has been meticulously engineered to minimize material usage while maximizing installation efficiency. Crafted entirely from 100% inorganic and sustainable building materials, it aligns seamlessly with the "Cradle-to-cradle" principles, ensuring a conscientious approach to construction.

Revolutionize Your Projects with D-Wall Facade System

Introducing the D-Wall facade system, a groundbreaking solution in natural slate applications. Setting a new industry standard, this system is uniquely versatile, suitable for both roofing and facade installations. The fixation of the slate is executed with unparalleled precision, leaving no visible trace. Experience the pinnacle of sophistication and innovation with D-Wall.

Unified Elegance: Roof and Facade in Perfect Harmony



Diverse Elegance: Explore Our Ceramic Collection

Dive into the world of Komproment Ceramics, a range that boasts an extensive palette of colors. Among them, the Zappa Ceramic Mountain White stands as a shining example, radiating a luminous and optimistic aura. Elevate your designs with our diverse ceramic offerings, each a testament to the fusion of form and function. For example, W and Royal Residences in Portland. Both houses were nominated for ArchDaily's 2022 Building of the Year Award!

clay shingles

Introducing Vidar Clay Shingles: Timeless Elegance, Sustainable Craftsmanship

Elevate your architectural vision with Vidar Clay Shingles, a symphony of refined design and enduring style. Crafted from 100% inorganic material, each tile is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the "Cradle-to-cradle" principles. Choose from a wide array of colors and explore limitless possibilities in unique color and surface combinations.

Engineered for Every Climate, Crafted for Every Budget

Vidar Clay Shingles are not only a visually stunning choice for roofing and facade cladding, but also an economically sound one. Each installation includes a precision-engineered Komproment mounting system, ensuring seamless integration. With a sleek 14mm thickness, these shingles blend elegance with efficiency, offering a harmonious solution for any project.

clay cladding

Colosseum Nordic: Nordic Elegance in Clay Cladding

Inspired by Nordic Architecture, the Colosseum Nordic clay cladding is the result of a collaborative effort with Danish architects. Its distinctive design and carefully selected colors pay homage to the timeless aesthetics of the region.


Crafted to Perfection: The Colosseum Nordic Profile

The Colosseum Nordic tile boasts an "L-profile," a deliberate choice to impart a lighter and more slender appearance to buildings. This profile offers a refined alternative to our Pantheon profile, perfect for projects seeking an airier visual presence.

Ask us about our additional lines of Komproment clay cladding!


Revolutionize with Concrete Cover: Nordic Innovation in Ventilated Facades

Concrete Cover by Komproment stands as the pioneering Nordic ventilated façade system crafted entirely from concrete. This groundbreaking system is accompanied by a 100% inorganic mounting solution, meticulously designed for seamless integration with no visible fixation. The simplicity and efficiency of our mounting system guarantee an optimum installation pace, setting a new standard in concrete cladding solutions.

Experience Excellence in Nordic Concrete Facades!



Elevate Sustainability with Integrated Solar Solutions

Discover a greener path to energy independence with Komproment's integrated solar panels. These cutting-edge panels provide a sustainable means to generate your own electricity. Seamlessly blending with facades or installed on roofs, they become an integral part of your architectural vision.

Engineered for Excellence

Our solar panels are the result of a collaborative effort with global leaders in panel production. With a "plug and play" installation approach, they're remarkably straightforward to set up. What's more, they offer the flexibility of being produced in a range of desirable and customized color variations. The glass finish can also be tailored to your preference, offering a choice between a reflective surface or an understated matte texture.

Two Decades of Expertise at Your Service

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in this field, we're poised to analyze your specific requirements. Our team is equipped to assist you in crafting an engaging and financially sound business case. Let us guide you toward a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

Seamless Integration in Komproment Facade Systems

Our solar panels, doubling as design elements, seamlessly integrate with several Komproment facade systems, including:

  • Zappa

  • Vidar

  • Colosseum Earth

  • Concrete Cover

Take the first step toward a sustainable future with Komproment's integrated solar solutions. Harness the power of the sun for a brighter tomorrow.

Komproment Complete solutions for facades



For available literature, drawings (.pdf or .cad), technical specifications, test data or case studies, please fill out the form below. Please specify if you would like samples, literature or both in the comments section. 

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