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Lightweight Composite Stone Cladding that inspires creativity


For 25+ years Alsecco has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of ventilated façade systems.  These lightweight façades featuring natural stone and glass offer a wide range of shapes and design options to inspire architects and our clients. The systems are ideal for new construction as well as renovations.
Alsecco Airtec Stone consists of laminated slabs of natural stone onto a carrier panel. The carrier panel made from a patented lightweight aerated concrete perfectly utilized for attachment and load transfer. Since the physical and thermal characteristics of the carrier and the stone are very similar, the layers are a perfect combination and protect the façade against all types of weather.
Airtec Stone weighs in at 8.5 psf which represents a weight-savings of up to 66% compared with a conventional stone façade. This is a major advantage, especially when re-cladding older properties where the supporting structure has limited load-bearing capacity.  Panels are nominal one and a quarter inches thick and have a maximum length of ten feet. Bond returns and custom shapes are available.
Most any stone type can be incorporated with Airtec panels including granite, marble, sandstone, travertine, limestone, etc. Alsecco also offers glass, photovoltaic and porcelain panels.
Airtec panels are fully engineered by Telling Architectural Systems and comprehensively tested under ASTM and AAMA standards for North American construction.  Airtec panels enjoy the assessment of DIBt (German Institute of Construction Engineering), the US equivalent of ICC Review.


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