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One Clinton, Brooklyn Heights, New York sharply cuts the Brooklyn sky and historic streets. The Architectural vision included a sophisticated and elegant triangular design.

one clinton

  • Developed by Hudson Companies and designed by Marvel Architects rising 38 stories, the façade includes over 100,000 SF of Portuguese Mocha Crème limestone.

  • One Clinton is not only living space but part of the redevelopment of the Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. The 38-story condominium tower is a rare collection of modern homes in a grand setting.

  • Residences enjoy expansive views of New York Harbor and Brooklyn. Wrapped in milky limestone the façade blends seamlessly into the history, culture and texture of Brooklyn Heights.

  • Mocha Crème limestone will continue to be the ex-libris of Portuguese Limestones and a reference stone for architects and interior decorators all over the World.


Project: One Clinton

Location: Brooklyn Heights, NY

Architect: Marvel Architects

Contractor: Hudson Companies

Completion Date: 2020

Architectural Systems: Lithodecor 



LithoStone, LithoGlass and LithoCeramic panels are façades featuring a wide range of shapes and design options to inspire architects and our clients. The systems are ideal for new construction as well as renovations and fully engineered by Telling Architectural Systems.


  • Provide a precision, ventilated cladding system in large format, lightweight limestone.

  • Ever-changing phased construction to a jobsite with limited storage.

  • Unique building geometry and related structural connections challenged our design team and required many unique details.

  • Deep windows and limestone sills frame not only a view of the NY skyline but a close-up of the elegant gold and beige stone patterns.

  • Directional grain/patterns create an awe-inspiring façade from any angle.


  • The quality, fit and finish of the product was a selling point for the multi-million dollar condominiums.

  • The sleek, 10’ tall panels wrap a new, modern Brooklyn Library



“Working hand in hand with Telling and the European manufacturer, our team successfully installed over one hundred thousand square feet of stone panels Collaborative efforts from start to finish was key to success and quality was second to none”

— Gabriel at Pillar Construction


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