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Who We Are

Telling Architectural Systems designs and supplies a variety of facade rainscreen systems. Each system from Telling is fully engineered and comprehensively tested. With offices in Saratoga Springs, NY and Wolverhampton UK, Telling maintains a staff of in-house engineers to review and support design recommendations and modifications when necessary.

Services we provide:

  • Development of the cladding system design and specification

  • Preparation of die drawings

  • Full set of shop drawings for the mock-up and project cladding systems

  • Complete set of engineered calculations for the façade system

  • Technical assistance during the budgeting phase

  • Jobsite & installation support


Why Telling?

Why use Telling Architectural? Hear what some of our customers have said.

terracotta rainscreen Randall Childrens

"Telling provided us access to the experts that make the glazes and panels; they educated us about their manufacturing process and made sample after sample for us. Ultimately, together, we created a panel that they could manufacture efficiently and has met all of our expectations for the project"

Kim Storey





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Telling Architectural - Engineered Rainscreen Facades and Brick Claddig Systems

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